The Avant-Guide Institute

In an industry where each converted visitor brings a significant amount of value, being highly search engine optimized was as important to AGI as style and substance.

TechnoErgonomics built a sleek, Drupal-based website that lets them micro-analyze visitor behavior, along with the flexibility they require to make continual improvements.


The Challenge
As a very high profile company in the trends consulting industry, the Avant-Guide Institute's keynote speeches and network of trends-hunters generate a large number of interested potential clients. The first point of contact for people interested in the institute's services is often the corporate website. Every single conversion that is made from the website can bring in tens of thousands of dollars of revenue.

This meant that AGI needed a website which they could improve by analyzing what visitors were doing on the site and which would be highly optimized for search engine result placement. Their previous site was a custom built CMS which met their original needs but proved to be very costly to alter as their requirements changed over time.

The Solution

One of the main reasons Avant-Guide chose Drupal was because of the flexibility it offers. Its modular concept makes it very easy to alter or add functionality as a site grows or changes. This flexibility has allowed the site to change based on visitor traffic analysis so that the site's conversion rates continue to improve. Some of the tools used include:

  • click heatmaps
  • conversion goal tracking
  • A/B testing
  • specific advertising campaign landing pages

Most site changes can be made directly by the client themselves. The site uses a system of blocks, promotional teasers and placement locations, making customizing the entire site easy to do on demand.

The Results

The most important measure of site performance for this project has been the number of clients generated through the web site. The number of contacts from the site has increased by over 400% and there have been two times as many new clients generated through the site in the first year with the new site as compared to the previous year of the old site. The development costs have had an amazing ROI, and were more then covered within the first months the site went live.

The Avant-Guide Institute has been very happy with how simple it is for them to maintain and optimize their own site now and how flexible Drupal has been when they've wanted to add new functionality.

The Avant-Guide Institute

Daniel Levine
Executive Director

"I had never heard of Drupal, and when you proposed to me about using it and showed me how it works I was immediately convinced and excited because of the obvious flexibility it allows for. What is important for us is the flexibility. The last site we had, it was a big hassle every time I wanted to make a change. Now it does whatever we want."

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Let's start talking about your project!