We make your site flexible and able to grow.

You know that the Web moves fast. That's why we won't let your site live in the slow lane. Ever. Our websites are built to grow with you and change with the times, so you can always stay in front of the pack.

Modular sites based on Drupal

At TechnoErgonomics, we use the very popular open source project Drupal as the base for our client's sites. Drupal is special for a number of reasons. One of them is the modular way that it is built. Because Drupal is based on the idea of putting together building blocks its always easy to add new features to a site even after its been released.

Take advantage of community contributions

New trends are always appearing on the web. It can take a lot of work if you want to keep your site up to date with these trends. When your site is made with Drupal, you have an advantage. There are thousands of Drupal developers, including us, who contribute back to the Drupal project. Most of the time, someone has already worked on making something that is similar or exactly what you want. This means that we need to only do the implementation and customization work for your site, saving you tens or even hundreds of hours of development time.

Limited only by your imagination

The site we make for you will be a perfect fit - limited only by your own imagination. And when you decide that you need your site to do something more, we'll be able to add it for you. Some of our clients have needed things events and calenders, community forums or special page versions to be shown for certain regions. With many proprietary systems, it is difficult to make changes or add functionality. Not with the site we'll make for you, we plan for growth from the very beginning. You'll have the kind of site that everyone will want to find.

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TV Prima

TechnoErgonomics made a particularly complex Web presence seem effortless and streamlined for TV Prima, the top commercial television station in the Czech Republic.

"We have a lot of web assets with all the TV shows we have. We can manage the web much better now that they are all collected into a single system."

Jan Vrana / Director of Electronic Media

Let's start talking about your project!

Let's start talking about your project!