TV Prima

TV Prima, a major commercial television station owned by the Modern Times Group, struggled with tens of websites, all running on different platforms.

TechnoErgonomics created a single Web platform to consolidate their various assets, reduce management costs and improve development efficiency.


The Challenge
Prima was managing tens of sites for its main television stations and for individual shows. As new shows were released, some of them needed websites made. The then-current IT staff would chose their favorite web tool and made individual sites as they saw best.

The end result was that they were managing tens of sites, with no consistency between them. Features created for one site couldn't be easily deployed on other sites since they were built on various different frameworks and CMSes. Prima's goals were to:

  • reduce development costs
  • reuse work throughout their sites
  • decrease the number of content contributors because adding content to all of their sites required significant manpower.

Prima realized that they needed to consolidate all of their websites into a single, easy to manage CMS. This single CMS had to provide multiple sites and sub-sites, each presented with different graphics design, at different web domains and at subsections of these domains.

The Solution

TechnoErgonomics worked together with Dynamite Heads to plan the site in careful detail and implement fully in Drupal. We created a single system to create content which can be posted at any place on any number of Prima's domains and subsites. A custom media assets mangement solution lets editors reuse images and externally hosted videos. Now, all of the different Prima domains and microsites are in fact one single Drupal system and can be easily managed.

After the main system was done and was made public, we created "subsites" for the various television shows. Prima is now able to easily add new subsites themselves when they broadcast new shows.

Different domains can be seen at:

And subsites can be compared at:

The Results

Now that there is a single interface for creating content, the work to manage all of Prima's sites was dramatically reduced. The content management staff has gone from a staff of four to a single person. The core content system lets us easily deploy new functionality throughout all subsites, leading to a huge savings in development costs over the previous collection of separate sites. Now with reusable themed components, Prima can maintain a visual style across all of the subsites, helping to enforce a common brand identity.

The Prima project was a complete success and shows how Drupal can be used to run a multi-branded web site with a single backend.

TV Prima

Jan Vrana
Director of Electronic Media

"We have a lot of web assets with all the TV shows we have. We can manage the web much better now that they're all collected into a single system."

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