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"We have a lot of web assets with all the TV shows we have. We can manage
the web much better now that they're all collected into a single system."

Jan Vrana / Director of Electronic Media

"Organizing all of our events and information was becoming more and more difficult.
TE helped us to plan what we needed and had the site ready incredibly fast."

Marketa Kristova / Assistant to the Director

"Was I ever happy to have a site with well organized code
that really kept to proper Drupal coding standards."

Mikael Kundert / MeeGo Developer

" What is important for us is the flexibility. The last site we had, it was a big hassle
every time I wanted to make a change. Now it [our site] does whatever we want."

Daniel Levine / Executive Director

"It's great that they always deliver on time, and better than I've been expecting.
...projects I've done with them [TechnoErgonomics] cost me less than when I've used 'low cost' studios."

Alexandr Panek / Director, Tryst Agency

Let's start talking about your project!

Let's start talking about your project!