The US Embassy, Prague

The US Embassy founded The American Center to cultivate a better understanding of American culture in the Czech Republic. They needed a solid way of communicating with the public.

TechnoErgonomics built a new community portal that significantly increases awareness for their activities and attendance for their events, and makes it much easier to stay in touch with visitors.


The Challenge
The American center organizes a vast number of lectures, exhibitions and has an extensive library. Typically the center holds or endorses tens of events each month. The center was using the basic web system provided by the US State Department for all the embassies around the world. They found it difficult to publish all of the events that they hold or support in this existing system. Being able to categorize the different types of events and to be able to manage this both in Czech and English was simply impossible.

The American Center needed to have a community portal that would make it simpler for their Czech and English speaking visitors to keep track of what was going on. They needed to constantly add and update events, photo galleries and information pages and also to manage an extensive and constantly growing newsletter.

The Solution

We worked together with the American Center and AnFas, a well-known branding agency based in Prague, to develop a complete solution for the center's on-line communication. In this project the creation of personas to clearly specify the exact needs of different visitor types was invaluable. By finding out what the different actual visitors types required we were able to make a site that easily lead visitors to the information they were looking for.

Tight integration with the MailChimp newsletter system has improved their ability to manage and analyze their regular mailings and its impact.

The Results

User testing based on task lists related to the personas and their needs has confirmed that the site is much easier to navigate then the previous web system. American center staff have all appreciated how easy it is for them to manage the new system.

Best of all, after implementing the new web community portal, attendance at all events and exhibitions has increased.

The US Embassy, Prague - The American Center

Miroslav Konvalina
Director of the American Center

"We were very limited by the main web system for embassy activities. I really think that having a custom built web system that does exactly what we need has been important for reaching more people and keeping our visitors informed."

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Let's start talking about your project!