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Converting audio file formats from .ape with .cue to .flac on linux

I recently needed to convert some audio files form a client into .flac format. Flac is digital audio file, like .mp3, except its an opensource format and its "lossless". Its very simple using command line tools in Linux to accomplish this.

You'll need flac, bchunk and ffmpeg. If you run Debian or Ubuntu, just type

  1. $ sudo apt-get install flac bchunk ffmpeg

the first step is to convert the whole .ape into .wav.

  1. $ ffmpeg -i INPUT.ape output.wav

Then you split the .wav into individual tracks.

  1. $ bchunk -w output.wav INPUT.cue BASE_FILENAME

And finally convert to flac.

  1. $ flac --best BASE_FILENAME*

You can then remove the .ape, .cue and interim .wav files.

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Let's start talking about your project!